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Phiten USA | Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to Reinvent the DNA of Active Lifestyle Products

Our Vision is to Inspire Everyday Adventurers

Originating in Japan and holding over 100 patents worldwide, Phiten® is the maker of AQUA-METALS™, a collection of proprietary and unique, metal-infused wellness materials and technologies. With over 130 Phiten store locations spread out through all of Japan, the Phiten brand has become a mainstay and a symbol of sports and wellness within the land of the rising sun.

Gaining popularity and exposure on the field at sporting events and during historical sporting moments throughout the years, Phiten has won the trust amongst world class athletes around the world.

2018 marks the 35th Anniversary of Phiten Japan’s inception. Our goal now is to globally redefine the meaning of outdoor by applying our design and technology to everything we produce and by inspiring individuals to live and strive for an active and balanced lifestyle regardless of age, activity or level of experience.

“Phi-Ten” is derived from the Greek letter “Phi”, Φ and the exponent 10 and symbolizes our goal: To maximize the perfect balance found in the natural world.




Phiten Space

Royal Park Hotel Kyoto

Starting with the idea of creating an environment to help promote a high quality of life, Phiten permeated AQUA-TITANIUM® into the surface of the walls and the ceiling of a hotel room, essentially “Phitenizing” it. The future of Phiten is now.

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