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Verification experiment Phase 1 report by Phiten and Y's(Operating the largest self-funded rehabilitation center, "Nokosoku rehab center") Potential application of Phiten Titanium Tape for rehabilitation of hemiplegia after stroke.


Phiten Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kyoto, Japan; President: Yoshihiro Hirata; hereinafter referred to as "Phiten") and Y's, Inc. (Chairman and CEO: Yasuhiro Hayami; hereinafter referred to as " Y's"), one of M3 group operating the medical information website "" and other websites, and also operates a self-funded rehabilitation facility "Nokosoku rehab center", have completed the verification experiment Phase 1, "Experiment to verify the effectiveness of Phiten Titanium Tape in functional recovery," which was being conducted as the first phase of their research partnership.

Phiten Titanium Tape were applied to 40 people with hemiplegia due to the aftereffects of a stroke during their rehabilitation, and the survey was conducted on before and after-change in muscle tone on an affected side and on the actual feeling of using the tape. As a result, 73% of the patients (93% of the therapists in charge of rehabilitation) recognized changes in muscle tone, and more than half of the patients and therapists respectively reported "feel lighter, relax one's strength, and easier movement" and "decreased muscle tone in the tape attached muscle, improved joint mobility, and increased efficiency in specific movements".

Click here for Verification experiment Phase 1 report


Individual results may vary significantly. Not all users will experience the intended benefits of Phiten Products, and individuals must try for themselves to see whether it works for them. These statements have not been evaluated by FDA. Phiten products is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or any disease. 

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