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Happy 16th Anniversay Phiten Torrance Store!


When it comes to sports, athletics, fitness, and health in general, quality beats quantity every single time. To make the most out of your health, fitness and well-being in general, you need to be utilizing products that you can trust. That’s where Phiten USA come into the mix. We’re excited to be celebrating our 16th year in Torrance, California! We’re very grateful to all our customers and to our Torrance Phiten Team! Here’s a look at what makes our Phiten USA brand so special.

Who are Phiten?

Phiten are a company of Japanese origin. Currently the company holds more than 100 patents worldwide and is the developer of Aqua Metals, which is a special collection of unique and proprietary wellness materials infused with special metals and technologies. This patented process breaks down metals into nanoscopic particles which are then dispersed in water. This in turn creates what is known as a hydro-colloidal metal. Each and every single Phiten product incorporates a variant of this technology in one way or another. The goal is, very simply, to enhance the user’s overall quality of life. Phiten has more than 130 stores spread throughout Japan, but back nearly two decades ago, they decided to expand to the USA and head to Torrance, California.

On April 1 2002, Phiten opened their flagship USA store in Torrance, California. The store was set up to serve the South Bay area and Torrance in general. Phiten, Torrance opened to moderate sales to begin with, but soon word spread about these unusual chains, necklaces, and pieces of jewelry creating a Phiten Life movement!

Service with a smile

To truly appreciate the uniqueness of Phiten’s products, customers are encouraged to touch, feel, and try the products for themselves. The great thing about all Phiten’s stores is the fact that friendly staff such as ‘Youngsun’ and ‘Sesko’ are there to offer friendly and efficient service with a smile. Customers are encouraged to feel and try Phiten products, before staff members locate products that are best-suited to customer’s unique circumstances. Phiten put a strong emphasis on customer service, as they feel it is important to meet customers face to face in order to better communicate and offer a fully personalized service, again, with a smile. They even offer free in-store body care and a foot massager.

Phiten products and animals?

You’d be forgiven for thinking that Phiten products are exclusively aimed at human beings. However, Phiten products have actually been found to be beneficial for our four-legged friends of the furry persuasion too. Not too long ago, a regular customer of Phiten decided to purchase a Phiten necklace, which they then placed onto the collar of their dog. Now, their dog was growing old and struggling with joint issues – not as mobile as it once was. Amazingly, after only a few days with the necklace the dog was running, jumping, and became more mobile than it had been in years. Phiten products therefore, not only help human beings dealing with rough workouts and discomfort, but they also can help animals too.

In-store perks?

If you’re wondering about in-store perks then you’ll be very pleased to hear that Phiten do indeed offer in-store perks. To begin with there is a loyalty scheme where, for every 10$ spent, customers receive one stamp. Once 50 stamps have been collected, customers will receive a $30 discount. There are also a number of promotional offers and in-store campaigns, along with a Free in-store body care and foot massager.

Here at Phiten, we love speaking to our wonderful customers and finding out more about you and what it is that you require from us. Please feel free to stop by anytime and let us know exactly what it is that you require. We strive to offer complete customer satisfaction every time so come on down, chat to us, and let us offer you the help that you require.

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