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Takei Rikako and Phiten Products


We have been following Takei Rikako as she approaches her 5th IRONMAN World Championship. Though our series will be coming to an end soon, this being the last post of our 6 part series, we are excited and inspired by having learned so many interesting things about her! If you missed the last blog post about what the race is like, then you can read that here:

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If this is your first time reading about Takei Rikako, and would like to know where our journey begins, you can do so by reading our first blog post here : Introduction to Takei Rikako

While nutrition, motivation, and health are certainly important aspects of running a triathlon, there are still things athletes need to get through the trials of the IRONMAN race. Even with a good a diet, a positive mindset, and physical wellness, these athletes still need products for all kinds of things: such as protecting their knee or ankle. Products such as athletic tape have been imperative to the success of every kind of athlete. Whether you’re a boxer or a swimmer, a dancer or a runner, everybody needs an extra something to get them through their training. Something that will help them have not just success, but long term success.

So when it comes to athletes like 56 year old Takei Rikako, she needs products she can rely on, so she can continue to do what she loves well into her 60s! And for her, some of those products are Phiten’s products!

Learn what her favorites are, and what she has to say about Phiten!

How long have you been using Phiten products?

Takei: I have been using Phiten since 2003. I began using Phiten products with the wire aire necklace. I always wear it!

What are your favorite Phiten products?

Takei: I really like the lotion, the socks, and the athletic tape for my knee. Oh! And of course my pink Phiten Wire Aire necklace!

Do you use Phiten discs/metax tape?

Takei:Yes! I also use the socks and the lotion. The lotion relaxes me and gives me energy at the same time. I don’t know how it works, it just does! I really like it. And the socks are really comfortable, they’re just an overall good running sock. Some people use a five finger sock, but, those are hard to deal with in a triathlon. So I use a traditional sock.

What does Phiten’s mission of “Inspire everyday adventures” mean to you?

Takei: I think it’s a really good slogan. It’s one everybody needs. For me it describes my day, and is the slogan for my life. Every day is different, every ocean is different, every mountain is different, the weather is always different, so there is adventure, every day!

We’ll be watching this year’s Ironman World Championship on October 13 in Kona, Hawaii.We’ll be cheering for Takei and we hope to be watching her take the podium again!

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