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Blog - Independence Day

3 Products to Celebrate Your July 4th Weekend




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The fun has begun with a record hot summer already under way. Whether you’re making waves in the pool, running down the beach, or spending time with family and friends at a classic backyard barbecue, having the essentials makes all the difference.

Of course, the ultimate weekend during the summer, July 4th Weekend, will quickly be here! We’re sure you’ve got big plans to spend the day outdoors with your favorite people. Wherever you find yourself though, don’t find yourself without these 3 Phiten products that will make your holiday weekend even better!

1. Metax EX Cream

Enjoy your day in the sun, and enjoy it worry-free with Phiten’s Metax EX Cream.This waterproof formula stays put no matter what.Whether it be water sports or other activities you participate in that result in extreme sweating, it’s designed to keep you UV protected.Metax EX Cream contains two proprietary ingredients by Phiten to lock in hydration and active ingredients while keeping water out and protecting skin from damaging sun rays. In fact, “Metax” is short for “Metal Mix,” Phiten’s most recent technology combining two or more Aqua Metals (ie. Aqua-Titanium®, Aqua-Gold®, Aqua-Palladium®,etc). Metax EX Cream’s “Metal Mix” specifically contains Aqua-Gold® and Aqua-Palladium® technology. And unlike those other sports formulas for sunscreens, Phiten’s has a delightfully uplifting citrus scent.

2. Classic Titanium Necklace

Wear red, white and blue to be patriotic for July 4th Weekend, and wear it well with Phiten’s Classic Titanium Necklace, available in 15 different colors including red, white and blue. They clasp on with ease and bear the Phiten logo. It features Aqua-Titanium®, a flexible Micro Titanium Sphere and the comfortable nylon fabric outer makes it comfortable while wearing it and looking good in the process!

3. Titanium Anklet Slashline

Phitenize your summer body by wearing Phiten’s Titanium Anklet Slashline from the Slashline series. It’s casual yet sporty, ideal for summer volleyball games on the beach.It’s a two-layered anklet that features a thicker band interlaced with a thinner one of a varying color. It’s available in red and blue, making for the perfect anklet to keep your energy up in the sun while showing your patriotic side for the July 4th Weekend. It’s water and sweatproof too so you can wear it anywhere and always keep yourself Phitenized.

Make the most of your summer and keeping your skin safe and style proper.With these Phiten products, you’ll be able to love every minute of it!

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