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Phiten USA

There’s no question that Major League Baseball put us on the map in the United States. And after our iconic Tornado™ necklaces exploded, all of a sudden everyone jumped on the bandwagon. In all honesty, we’ve probably helped a lot of other businesses make a fortune. So for the record, you’re welcome. All kinds of companies began peddling twisted rope necklaces confusing baseball enthusiasts all over America. We began receiving complaints from tons of kids claiming that their necklaces were defective. But the majority of necklaces that were returned to us weren’t even ours. It’s been a hell of a ride these past couple of years.

We unknowingly created an entire new category of products along with the whole necklace and bracelet trend, but this was never the plan. We’re grateful that baseball players of all levels embrace us. And we’re grateful that the Tornado™ necklace put us on the map. But, we also want to let everyone know we’re so much more than just that.

So just to set things straight, we’re going to begin educating you on all things Phiten. The future of Phiten is now. Join us for the ride!

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