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Ky Vuong

How many times have you “roller coaster’d” in your life in terms of trying to live a healthy lifestyle? I’ve roller coaster’d numerous times throughout my life. And as you grow older, it becomes more and more difficult to bounce back and get back on track, both physically and mentally. I recently turned age 40. One year before turning 40, I was in bad shape. Drinking too much, eating late, eating bad, not exercising, etc. But I told myself that “age ain’t nuthin’ but a number,” and the summer before turning the big 4-0, I created my own personal goal dubbing it “Project 40.” I would be fit, healthy and slim down by the time I hit 40. And I did it.

The problem is, I cheated. I did it mainly by not eating carbs altogether. 3 months of eating mainly vegetables, meat, tofu, eggs, natto (smelly fermented soybean)… And 3 months of trying all kinds of quick, gimmicks. I slimmed down to the point where I was slimmer than ever.

The problem with these types of “programs” are that you can’t sustain this type of lifestyle forever. It’s somewhat unnatural. Who doesn’t want to eat bread or pasta or rice? Or fruits or cake? Or french fries or ice cream? Who wants to put an ice pack on their neck for 30 minutes every morning? Or take 15 pills a day? You can only last so long…

Ky Vuong

So, I decided to utilize my resources and reach out to one of our brand ambassadors to learn a little something. Ky Vuong, a ripped dude of Chinese descent born in Vietnam, now living in Hawaii, and well into his early forties is that ambassador. And after a long conversation, I learned through him that the key to fitness is being active and eating clean. The key to maintaining this proper lifestyle is by having fun doing it. Period. Simple, but not.

I don’t know many people in our age demographic that look like Ky. There’s a certain level of drive and positive attitude one needs to maintain his type of lifestyle and level of physique. We heard of Ky through the former Phiten Hawaii store. His story was interesting and he’s been an avid supporter.

Ky Vuong

Ky and his family escaped from the war and were refugees that left Vietnam. They ended up in the US ultimately being sponsored by a Korean church in Maryland.

Early in Ky’s life, he began volunteering in the weight room at a local YMCA community in Maryland once a week. After providing valuable input to regulars at the weight room and developing friendships, Ky had found his passion early. He enjoyed how he made people feel. He liked how he inspired people and how he made them feel. Reading magazines, watching videos, being around the local YMCA people, Ky knew this was his path in life and decided to attend Springfield College in Massachusetts, a private New England college in Massachusetts specializing in the human mind, body and spirit with a strong concentration in health and fitness within fields such as sports medicine, physical therapy and exercise physiology .

After experimenting with subjects as many of us do during college, Ky ultimately made the right decision and took the path towards Exercise Physiology and graduated top of his class, Magma Cum Laude.

15 years ago, Ky moved to Hawaii through an internship that was offered through the YMCA of Hawaii and ended up staying here for the weather and positive energy that exudes the island. Ky worked his way up to becoming a Health Fitness Director at the YMCA.

The right path in life is never a simple point A to B. It’s the ups and downs, the curves and winding roads that makes things exciting, creating value and lessons learned. The longer the path, the greater the success.

To make a long story short, after Ky took a corporate sales job in Hawaii with a busy corporate traveling lifestyle, his routine began to change for the worse. Eating more, training less, his weight slowly began to creep up gaining upwards of 40 pounds.

Ky had just set his wedding date and his now wife motivated him to lose his weight – he had 1 year until his wedding date – and one year to go from 200 lbs. back to 165 lbs.

The rest is history.

Ky Vuong

Since 2011, Ky always had a side gig doing business as “KY Fitness” on a part-time basis. In 2014, he slightly changed the name to Key Fitness and went full force along with his other job, daddy daycare, for his 4 months old newborn, Skylar Vuong.

“Key Fitness is about taking fun and fitness to the next level. When something isn’t fun or challenging, it’s difficult to maintain mentally. If it’s fun you tend to want to repeat it.”

Ky Vuong

And Ky Vuong makes sure his clients know he is an educated fitness consultant – different from a personal trainer. “Anyone can come w/ no background and get a 3-6 month certificate. It doesn’t sound as serious…”

Ky’s education makes him well-rounded with the ability to help a wide range of individuals from kids up to 6 years old and adults up to 90 years or older. No one is excluded.

“The gym is boring and hard. No, it can be fun. It can be challenging. If it is fun, they will continue to do it over and over. The body is an amazing machine. ”

Ky Vuong

Another bit of advice from Ky: Eat Clean. Cook your meals. Eat out less. If you eat at home, and you cook and prepare your meals, you are a very disciplined person with strong values because it takes time to do this .

“Eating out is expensive! Most of us cannot afford a 5-star meal every night. And we can’t control what the chefs put in the food we order from their menus. Everything is very rich and heavy. Even if what you cook is not organic, you still have control of what you put in and how much of it you put in.” That is Ky’s definition of eating clean.

On the flip side, Ky says, “Eat what you want! I’m not saying eat fast food everyday, but have things you crave. Have a hamburger, pizza, pasta. It’s okay. If you maintain your active level – your body cannot help to burn more energy – to increase more production.”

Ky, obviously, trains for himself as well – twice a day – 5 days a week (morning and night). Ky was selected to represent Hawaii on American Ninja Warrior.

Ky Vuong

His mission is to open up a studio or a gym facility – to create his own training program and show everyone that he is the best – better than cross fit – much more healthier, attainable and fun.

Ky has a vision to get investors and land and create this thing – a facility to train a large group at once – and to be a motivational speaker – with the principle of never giving up.

Ky Vuong

People in the mainland will seek him out. I’ve already begun surfing more on the weekends and learning to incorporate an active lifestyle. Because all work and no play creates stress and devalues your body. When I go to Hawaii next, I plan to seek out Ky because he taught me the key to health, wellness and fitness.

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