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5 Perfect Phiten Necklaces for Mother's Day!


mothers day gift titanium necklace

Mother’s day is coming up on May 13th! Let your mother know how much you love her and how thankful you are for all that she’s done! If you’re still undecided about what to get your mom, we’ve got you covered. Here are our top choices from our Phiten line of women’snecklaces that make great Mother’s Day gifts!

Titanium Chain Necklace Slim Type (Double)

The Japenese made necklace prepared from pure titanium metal is one of its kind. The Phiten’s titanium necklace consists of multiple numbers of smaller “P” shaped chains that are clasped together to form one gorgeous piece of jewelry. One of the significant signature styles by you can identify it by consist of a closure clasp that is P shaped. The chain on its own is about 50cm long and the slim titanium sits heavily and beautifully in your neck with a lightweight feeling. It’s perfect to be worn independently and can be used to add a charm or a pendant.

X100 Titanium Necklace Mirror Ball

A signature style necklace of the famous Japanese figure skater, the necklace is decorated with a spherical mirror like a ball which is perfected from pure titanium. It comes in 3 beautiful colors and the necklace itself is pretty lightweight with rust resistant properties. The 45cm clavicle necklace with easy to close magnetic closure makes a perfect gift.

Titanium Necklace Magnes II

This necklace with its silicon infusion constitutes waterproof properties. The titanium necklace with V edge clasp closure, crystal rhinestones, and four accurately placed magnets make it a perfect daytime wear. Because of its waterproof qualities, it can be easily used while swimming. People, who are on heart medication or have a pacemaker, should not use this.

Titanium Necklace Wire Air

The 20-inch ultra-light titanium wire necklace is perfect for any outfit. It comes in 3 different colors of red, black and blue. The necklace is gender neutral and would look perfect on males as it would on females. With its anti-corrosion properties, wear this stylish necklace with you anywhere.

Titanium Crystal Necklace

The high-end crystal necklace is 50 cm in length with an adjustable clasp of 5 sm. It consists iridescent-coated crystals and 2 titanium beads that look extremely stylish and can be worn by women of any age for a more elegant look.

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