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*Leave us a comment in your order for the desired color Black or Navy and size 6.25" (approx) or 8.0" (approx), otherwise the size & color will be automatically chosen by PHITEN. In case the size & color you desire is not available (due to limited quantities), the available item will be included.

Offer good Friday, 06/11/2021 thru Sunday, 06/20/2021.

Limited quantities available on a first-come, first served basis.

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Mother's Day Campaign 2021EXCLUSIVELY AT THE PHITEN TORRANCE STORE!Valid Saturday, May 1st thru Saturday May 15thBeauty Product Fair BUY ONE ITEM AT 15% OFF!BUY TWO OR MORE ITEMS AT 20% OFF!MIX & MATCH!While Supplies Last!*Only Skin Care and Hair Care products are eligible for discount  Jewelry Product Sale 20 - 50% OFF!OVER 10 Styles of Phiten [...]

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Spring Back into Action

In winter we plan, in spring- we move! Even the sedentary bears come out of a long winter hibernation for spring training, so we gathered some tips to bring spring back into your step. Massage, once considered just a luxury, is now known as the most effective recovery from fatigue. It is also the best way to both warm [...]

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Takei Rikako’s IRONMAN Finish!

The following is our finishing Interview with Takei Rikako. We followed her journey to Kona: her training, her nutrition and her inspiration. You can start the series here: Meet Takei Rikako ( LINK https://www.phitenusa.com/blog/introduction-takei-rikako-a-56-year-old-triathlete/ )How did it feel to be a part of IRONMAN World Championships October 13th?I had a lot of feelings to be back to Kona [...]

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New Phiten Products For Winter 2018

Winter is here and looks like it's going to be a cold one.  What better way to keep your body warm with Phiten's new winter product line. Our new product line will help you get through the cold winter. If it's not cold where you are then they also make a good stocking stuffer or Christmas present for [...]

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Phiten’s 35th Year Anniversary Campaign

We’re so happy to be celebrating our 35th Anniversary this year! Yes – the Phiten brand is announcing their 35th anniversary since it’s inceptionQuote from our President, Yoshihiro Hirata:“At the opportunity of lecture and seminar conducted as my lifework for long years, I have had chances to meet customers who listen intently, take memos trying not miss a word, [...]

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Veterans Day 2018

Honoring those who have served at this 100 year milestone!Veterans Day will take place on Sunday the 11th of November 2018 and it will be followed by a designated Federal Holiday on Monday 12th November. This year marks an extremely significant milestone as it is precisely 100 years since the ceasefire culminating in the end of the First World War.What is [...]

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A Showcase of Phiten’s Footwear

Those of you who run regularly well know, having the correct footwear can make all of the difference in determining how well you perform and how healthy your feet stay. For any of you runners training out there, you’ll know that October is the return of the annual Ironman World Championships, and if you’re thinking of entering, having [...]

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Insights on IRONMAN World Championship in Kona

Decades ago, Naval Officer John Collins was stationed in Hawaii. Attending an awards banquet for the Waikiki Swim Club along with fellow athletes, a rather interesting topic was broached. They began discussing which types of athletes were the most fit. Was it swimmers? Bikers? Runners? The discussion was certainly colorful and led to him and his wife, Judy, deciding to [...]

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Takei Rikako and Phiten Products

We have been following Takei Rikako as she approaches her 5th IRONMAN World Championship. Though our series will be coming to an end soon, this being the last post of our 6 part series, we are excited and inspired by having learned so many interesting things about her! If you missed the last blog post about what the race [...]

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