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Phiten USA Announces Relaunch Into US Health & Wellness Market


Reinventing the DNA of active-lifestyle products and inspiring people to adventure!

Torrance, CA: Phiten, creator and manufacturer of metal-infused wellness products for athletes and everyday adventurers, is proud to announce a relaunch of PhitenUSA.

After reaching success and acclaim in Japan (where Phiten has over 130 stores), and around the world, we spent 20 years as a leader in the American sports world. Now Phiten is ready to jump back into the US market by reinvigorating and rebranding their flagship store in Torrance.

Phiten was founded with one goal in mind: to help people improve their quality of life. Using a natural approach to health, and innovative applications of the patented Aqua-metal technology, we want to help people feel good and be at their best.

“It’s been 35 years since Phiten started our business in Japan, and also 20 years since our original US debut. Throughout the years, Phiten became a global brand that people all over the world love. We will continue to provide products, from daily body care to sports care, that enhance and improve the quality of our customers’ lives,” Joe Furuhata, CEO, Phiten USA.

Phiten Aqua-Metals Technology

The core of the Phiten technology comes from Aqua-Metals. These are nanoscopic particles of specific metals (like gold or titanium), which have been broken down naturally in water – without harsh chemicals.

This process creates a hydro-colloidal metal that is added into every single product Phiten makes. From a special “dye” used on all of our fabrics, to a powder-like substance that is added to silicone, each of our products contains these specially treated metals. People use Phiten products to gain an improved sense of overall health and balance.

About Phiten: Over 35 years ago, Phiten founder Yoshihiro Hirata began his mission of helping people be their best. Now, with over 100 patents worldwide, and over 130 stores in Japan, Phiten has become a world leader in wellness technology. Our goal is to enhance the quality of life for those who use our products, and to inspire people to live an active, balanced lifestyle, regardless of age or level of experience.

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