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Introduction: Takei Rikako – A 56 Year Old Triathlete!


We at Phiten love to find and support the everyday adventurer! So when we find an inspiring individual that aligns with our mission and vision statement – we must share their stories! Phiten’s goal is to globally redefine the meaning of outdoor by applying our design and technology to everything we produce and by inspiring individuals to live and strive for an active and balanced lifestyle regardless of age, activity or level of experience.

Coming up this year is the Ironman World Championship’s 40th race.It’s a showcase of the world best athletes for the best of the best! Their mantra – Anything is Possible ®!This race itself had humble beginnings starting in 1978 with only 15 people competing*. Moving forward, the image most people may remember from Ironman’s history is the iconic “Crawl” of Sian Welch and Wendy Ingraham in 1997. (You can watch the actual footage here: https://youtu.be/MTn1v5TGK_w ) Needless to say, this Championship inspires and brings together inspiring individuals!

The following introduction will be a six part series from us being published from this Part One through to October. The Phiten team would love to introduce our customers an inspiring individual: Takei Rikako!What makes her so special? At the age of 56, she is headed to KONA to compete in this year’s Ironman World Championship! (Link: http://www.ironman.com/triathlon/events/americas/ironman/world-championship.aspx#/axzz5Kmjd2jZB )The only way anyone can compete in this World Championship is by qualifying in approved Triathlons.

Takei Rikako has not only qualified by winning silver at Arizona’s Ironman 2017* - but she is returning to this year’s Ironman World Championship in the 55+ category!The best of the best!Takei is working hard to make it to the podium AGAIN after 10 years.Will she do it?

In 2005 at the Arizona Ironman she became the division fastest!** What an accomplishment from all her hard work and training!In this series we’ll share her hardships, her training schedule, nutrition, her journal and more! The road to Ironman World Championships isn’t easy for any athlete – but Takei has made it to the Ironman Championships FOUR times since starting her Triathlon journey. This year will be her 5th time competing in the event! The training, mental toughness and challenges are still a part of Takei’s journey to every Ironman and Triathlon she’s competed it.For this six-part series, we will take you with her on her journey to Kona, this October 13th!

Follow our blog to keep up with this series, provide encouragement to Takei in the comments and let’s follow this inspiring individual’s journey to Kona!

Source* http://www.ironman.com/triathlon/history

Source** https://www.obstri.com/?search=Takei%20Rikako


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