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Impressive Benefits of Wearing Compression Clothing During Exercise


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If you’re looking to get more from your workouts, chances are that you’ve looked into purchasing compression wear. Compression clothing is now incredibly popular in a wide range of athletic and sporting disciplines, but just what is it about compression wear that fitness enthusiasts and pro athletes alike, just can’t seem to get enough of? Well, as it turns out, there are actually a wide range of scientifically proven benefits associated with wearing compression clothing, that we will be looking at below. You may not realize it, but by doing something as seemingly simple as changing your athletic attire as you work out, you will be providing yourself with a number of advantages as you exercise. Some of the primary benefits associated with wearing compression clothing include the following:

Increased rates of recovery – After, and indeed during, exercise, it’s important to ensure that your muscles are able to recover effectively in order for you to see the most impressive range of results. Compression clothing has been specially formulated to help increase blood circulation in the body. Because of this, compression wear is able to allow you to carry more blood around the body, to the muscles that need it the most. Within this blood you will find nutrients and oxygen that muscle cells require in order for them to initiate the recovery process. The more oxygen and nutrients you can provide for the cells in the muscles, the greater the rates of recovery will be.

Support – Another wonderful benefit associated with compression wear, is the fact that it offers you plenty of support during exercise. Wearing loose-fitting clothing may be comfortable for when you’re lounging around the house, but during exercise it is far from ideal. Loose clothing offers very little support as you exercise, which can not only make you more susceptible to injury, it will also make you feel very uncomfortable. Compression wear, whether in the form of shorts, pants, t-shirts, tank tops, socks, arm sleeve or anything else, offer maximum levels of support. This means that you are not only comfortable when you exercise, but your muscles and various other body parts are also supported.

Sweat wicking – Do you normally wear regular cotton t-shirts when exercising? If you do, you’ve probably noticed how damp they get as you perspire. Perspiration, or sweat to you and I, is a natural by-product of exercise. Wearing a t-shirt that is soaking wet with sweat however, will not only smell pretty bad, it will also cool you down and weigh you down through the added weight in moisture. This is not conducive to exercise whatsoever. Compression wear however, is made from specially designed materials that wick sweat away from your body as you exercise. The sweat is basically drawn upwards into and out of the material, before quickly evaporating as opposed to being soaked up like a sponge. This means that your clothing remains light and dry, allowing you to get more from your workout.

Reduced rates of DOMS – DOMS or Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness is a natural process associated with exercise where the muscles become sore and painful following bouts of physical exertion. Compression wear however, has been found to be very beneficial for reducing rates of DOMS, especially in runners. This is again related to the fact that it assists with rates of recovery by boosting circulation in the body. The quicker the muscles can repair themselves, the less painful they become after working out.

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